My daughter's hair is beautiful when wet or just dry. Then it gets frizzy. I've tried many products.

they all change the curl from large soft blondy brown bouncy light curls to something shrunken up, dark, unnaturally heavy or oily, or even more frizzy. Oils don't sink in not even coconut & make the hair frizz, creams & butters are too heavy, leave in conditioners are ok for a few hours (though still nowhere near as nice as her naked hair) then when the hair dries from the application it frizzes up real bad particularly at the back & the ends. Even if after washing I use a leave in followed by oil then butter (or any combination) by the next day her hair's as dry as if nothing was on it. The best thing for her hair I find is washing it but I know this is bad & so limit this to 1-2 a week. She is biracial with I think fine, low density, low to medium porosity hair. I want to keep the light softness of her natural hair with some moisture & without the frizz. Is this possible? Any recommendations? The pic shows her hair a couple of hours after a wash with no products on it at all, not even a leave in conditioner. I love it like this. I live in the UK. Thanks.

2 Answers

I don't know if this is possible but if u can get her to deep condition with some heat (a cap on her head under a beanie or something) for about 15-30 mins. I know most ppl think they are the devil but silicones are the way to go locking in moisture. Not amount of natural oils or butters would keep my hair frizz free or moisturized longer than a couple of hours. Use the green Dax as a final sealing step. And also try a light weight leave-in, either spray or creamy but be careful as some creamy one cause a lot of build up
Thanks the deep conditioning with heat has shown some improvement but I think I need a better deep conditioner with more protein as her hair is very fine. Can you suggest anything?