How to deal with hating my hair

I have always struggled with my hair, as we all have throughout our lives. I tend to go through periods were I practice ignorance is bliss and essentially do nothing to my hair except shampoo and condition it and try to ignore it.This summer  my hair has been really bothering me. It had been almost five years since I went to a salon for a hair cut, I had just been cutting it myself and I was trying dozens of products trying to find something that will make me"like"my hair.Finally I bit the bullet and went to the salon and had it cut. I thought it would help me to like my hair more , but I still hate it. I've realized no product or cut will make me like my hair and I just want to find a way to accept it.I guess what I'm asking is, for those of you who don't like your hair regardless of products, styles and procedures used for styling, how do you accept it and get over hating it?

1 Answer

We've all been there. One thing that helped me , was coming to the realization of the media and how were brainwashed. They're all selling something. TV ,internet, magazines, friends etc... constant flow of young, slim, straight hair ladies is what's commonly seen as beauty. It just not true. Surround yourself with other curly haired friends or people that support you. Keep trying products, but during buying remind yourself that $ doesn't equal better. Ive found not wishing I had something else, just being content helps too. If you get tired of you hair , try to mix it up. Different styles , parts, headband , twists,clips, variety. This is such a common and widespread problem. I wish you the best. Ps- love the horse photo. I used to ride an Arabian horse that looked exactly like them..