No definition without gel?

Hey i have no definition without product in my hair.. As soon as i come out the shower my hair has no curl definition whatsover unless i drench it in gel and product.. im 3c. I dont know what to do and if my hair is just damaged as to why it has no definition whatsoever without definition.

1 Answer

When you say no curl defintion is your hair frizzy or are your curls limp and lifeless?If coming out of the shower with wet hair, you find your hair is undefined and frizzy, it may need to be cleaned well. Product builds up and can weigh the hair down, and will cause it to not absorb water as well, making it not curl. So in this case, try clarifying your hair and follow up with a deep conditioner.If you find your curls are a bit lifeless (dull, low elasticity, maybe a bit "looser" than normal) you may need a protein treatment. This will rebuild the protein in your strands, making them stronger, more elastic and better prepared to hold water and therefore be more defined.Good Luck!