No definition when wet?

My hair has no definition when its wet until i put product in it? My wash and gos do last for about a week but im curious as to why my hair has no definition when wet like straight out the shower? my hair only  clumps together with product in it thats it. My hair type is around 3c/4a. 

1 Answer

Your hair may need a  deep cleansing or detox! Products may be weighing your hair down and making it definitionless. I have 3c/4a hair too and when my hair is dirty or in need of a good detox, it becomes kind of frizzy and won't really curl. Try a good detox and follow up maybe with a clay of some sort, they define the curls to the max!Also, you could need a protein treatment to kind of "reinforce" the bonds in your curls, making it curl back up.Good Luck!