Dehydrated vs. Dry

Hi!I'm wondering if anyone can help me. My hair is a 2C/3A mix. I'm finding that it doesn't handle proteins very well, as well as silicones. Product builds up in my hair like CRAZY, so I have to do a baking soda co-wash with an acv rinse about once a month.My hair is still quite brittle and very dry to the touch. It breaks easily and frizzes quite a bit. I'm wondering if this is more likely dehydrated hair, or could it be dry? What exactly is the difference? I know dehydration is a lack of water, whereas dry is a lack of oil. My skin is more dehydrated than anything (not dry at all) so I'm more inclined to think that my hair is dehydrated too, but I just want to make sure so when I buy my next hair products I know what to be targeting.I'm still trying to find the right products for me. Yeesh it's hard!

1 Answer

Hi, I've got 2c/3a mix hair, too, and it's taken me a long time to figure out what works for me.  Besides curl type, this is going to depend on porosity and even the climate where you live!  (For instance, Ouidad leave in for humidity works great where I normally live but when I stayed near the beach it made my hair all crunchy.)  Besides trying products that are specifically for curly hair, you might also experiment with oils.  Seriously.  I'd never have thought that my hair could handle oil (my hair is pretty fine and also my scalp is oily)  but just a little smear on my palms can do wonders.  Experiment with whether products work better when your hair is wet, or dry, too.  Ymmv but coconut and castor oils worked great on my hair.  (I mostly use oil when my hair is still damp to seal oil in.)  I've also used aloe vera like a gel.  If your hair is breaking and frizzing, you especially need to not blowdry and be very gentle with it.  Can you avoid brushing and haircolor?