How to detangle loose curls?

I have 2c-3a hair, if I take good care of it, it really curls, but the curls loosen as I go through the day (I wash once per two days, they are dry, but they get dirty and nasty), I don't really mind, it's just how they are. I detangle only with my fingers and the hair doesn't get real tangles, but I noticed it is hard to detangle at the ends as the hair gets longer. I heard girls swear on the Tangle Teezer but I always doubted it - won't it loosen my hair, if the curls are not tight on their own? Would you recommend it (or basically any other brush, I own only a comb I rarely use)? How to take care of naturally-curly-but-loosening-hair in general, do you have some tips? Thanks!

1 Answer

Start detangling from the bottom and work your way to the roots when the hair is damp and has conditioner on it