How to detangle and how often to wash?

Is anyone else struggling with detangling their hair? Can I brush my hair before I wash it to get the knots out or do I have to detangle with my fingers in the shower? That takes ages! Do I have to "comb" my hair at all? Can I just apply conditioner and be done?Also, how often do I have to wash/cleanse? My hair goes straighter and knotty after 2 days. I'm using shea butter shampoo and conditioner for fine/wavy hair and non alcohol gel. Thanks for the help!! X 

1 Answer

Some like to brush before shower, I find it easy to have a comb in your shower. Shampoo try to detangle with fingers, condition (let the conditioner sit for about 5min) then use the comb and comb it, finally rinse out. I did that in the past, now I only finger comb and works ok.  Try not to wash too often, I was doing it every 3-4 days but found out I need to do it every other day. So your hair will tell you