What is a good way to detangle natural hair? I usually detangle my hair in the shower because it's easier to do to but I use a comb. I know combing could flat out the curls but my hair is so thick, it's the only way I can detangle it. 

2 Answers

If it has been a day or two since I've combed it, I just finger detangle in sections with coconut or almond oil, a slippery conditioner, and water, then rinse. When it's time to REALLY detangle my hair, I usually drench it in sweet almond oil, let it sit for a while covered in a plastic cap, then wet my hair with water, put in some Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in/detangler or whatever super slippery conditioner I have laying around, and with my wide tooth comb, I start combing it out in sections, from ends to roots.
With detangling you really just have to go with what works best for you and causes the least amount of shedding. Some people love finger detangling on dry hair. That does NOT work for me. I have to use a slippery conditioner on wet divided hair and detangle from tips to roots with a wide tooth comb once a week. Sometimes, I can finger detangle but... only with wet hair. Detangling is for sure the longest  and most arduous part of maintaining curly hair, but I think you might have a good routine by oiling your hair before. I've never tried that. I pre-poo but not oil before detangling. Ps isn't Knot Today bomb?! :)  Ps.s. I think you got detangling down, but are you having a tough time with it? It's not easy but it definitely should not flatten out your curls or cause major shedding and breakage.