What is your detangling process? Do you use a comb and does detangling make super dry hair worse?

I have ever changing hair, I'm a teen and have only recently started paying attention to my hair, It's forever changing, because sometimes I just would get fed up, I have a lot of hair, and looking to start an official regimen. I haven't used a comb past week, once I read I didn't ''have'' to. I just droped it, because I would loose clumps of hair and I  lost my hair holders that would colloct my hair and moisture.

1 Answer

I am also a teen with poofy 3b-c curls and I have struggled with the infamous untangling, from ripping out hair to breaking my comb( not kidding). I think I found a deysngling routine to keep my hair tangle free with no damage: well my detangling process is this; - when conditioning, I'll apply a little conditioner to my hair and then split my hair down the middle. I then take my favorite comb lol it's from Sally's and its blue and it glides through my hair. And then I start to comb front wh ends And work to the top. Then I rinse and apply a little more conditioner and comb it until it feels smooth and slimy. And then I put my hair into a bun and wrap into a microfiber towel I let my hair dry until it's almost dry but still a little water in it, and apply a glob of gel to my hair and comb through, and make sure my hair is smooth and the gels everywhere. And that's it lol I know it's a lot but I have to do a lot to keep my hair tangle free and smooth.