Did I damage my hair with Baking soda??

I was trying to remove color fromMy hair with the vitamin C method and added baking soda. I had done this before but this time I added a little extra. After applying I put on my shower cap and a heating cap for an hour. When I washed my hair it was straight! I ran to the store and bought ACV and quickly rinsed my hair to try and balance the ph again while desperately crying and being scared for my curls. The ACV helped and I saw my curls come back but they did not seem as springy as before.What should I do? Have I damaged my curls? Will they eventually spring back to its natural state??

1 Answer

Okay so here's the problem with all these baking soda/vinegar/lemon/etc tutorials - the people telling you to use them don't usually know the science behind what's happening, and don't usually explain clearly what may happen when you try it on your own unique hair type.Short story - everyone's skin/scalp has a different pH level. That's the balance of acids and bases your skin produces. Baking soda is a BASE. Vinegar and citruses are ACIDS. These can ROYALLY SCREW UP your skin and hair if you don't know what you're actually doing.Stop using these products. Start using extra emollients - deep conditioners, gentle shampoos/cowashes, styling products with good oils and fats - and be very, very gentle to your hair for a couple of MONTHS. It will take literally a month or two for your hair to figure itself out again because your scalp is all messed up from its natural state.