Did I moisture overload????

I washed my hair about 3 days ago. I co-washed then deep conditioned. I usually deep condition in the shower (with the steam & humidity from the water) while I wash my body, then rinse it out when I'm done. This time, I got out of the shower, used a cap (sat for about 20 mins), then rinsed out & bathed. When I got out of the shower, my hair felt pretty normal, so I decided to seal my hair with a little oil. The next day, my hair felt dry & brittle. I've kept up with my normal routine of moisturizing, since then, but my hair feels so dry!!!! What did I do? What happened!?!? How can I fix this?

1 Answer

Watch what you are conditioning with and do what works best for you. You said that you usually rinse your hair in the shower? Thats what I would do if i were you.