Do Protein Treatments Work on 2a Hair? Looking for more curl def. and Vol.

I have lots of fine, mostly low porosity, 2a, frizzy hair. I do not use products with sulfates or silicones, and haven't for several months. However, I washed my hair everyday with sulfates shampoos for several years until mid December 2013, so my hair has most likely sustained some damage.This 2a girl seems to have had success with protein but her hair seems thicker than mine: mom has botticelli curls here and there when she uses products and swears up and down we have the same hair type. Even though hers is at least 6 inches shorter than mine, when my hair was near her length I could never achieve curls like that! I was thinking today that perhaps my natural curls have been damaged, and I may be naturally closer to a 2b, but right now am a 2a.Anyway, I have tried many shampoos, low sulfate and no sulfate, every other day and every 3 days (this is pushing it because my hair gets oily quickly) and they ALL dry my hair out a lot. I've tried 3 cleansing conditioners: As I Am cleansing, l'oreal evercreme cleansing, and devacurl. Devacurl was the least drying but still did somewhat (and I hate to be picky but there just wasn't enough scent for me). I am going to try cowashing, but I have a feeling that it will weigh down my hair, because past moisturizing with conditioners, jojoba oil and other oils has weighed down my hair until it was about straight in some parts!So would a protein treatment help with my frizz and curl definition? Spiral Solutions Protein Repair Treatment has good reviews but the only place I could find it was Etsy.The picture is a wash day (ignore the face)I don't use heat products, haven't been able to blow my hair straight and I haven't tried diffusing yet.

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Your questions is what curlies are asking all of the time. Let's break it down! For starters the need to for protein is often times like a tight wiring act. The reason why I say that is because too much can make your hair even more dry and more brittle, not enough can cause curls to be limp.This is what I recommend to all of my clients. Our hair is like swiss- cheese. It has a lot of holes because daily wear and tear. Protein is something that never grows back but simply has to be PUT back into the hair. With that said, use a product like Philip Pelsui's  Daily Hair RX..It's  hair-rejuvenating miracle reconstructs each hair strand from the inside out with plant-derived ingredients and gentle enough to use every day! I hope this helps.