Does anybody have any suggestions for biotin for 3b curly hair? Does it work?

looking for something to boost my hair growth. And heard biotin is good for that. Let me know please

1 Answer

Biotin (B7) has gained popularity because of the role it plays in maintaining healthy hair, but biotin is not the only nutrient that supports hair growth. All of the B vitamins are important for healthy hair, along with a host of other nutrients that support the metabolic requirements of follicle cells.Biotin is most effective when it is taken with zinc. Zinc prevents hair shedding. I am a promoter of holistic health. Healthy hair is a reflection of a healthy body. Hair cells derive nutrients from the blood and the growth process of hair begins below the scalp in the dermal layer of the skin. Malnutrition, illness, stress, medications, smoking, heavy metals, alcoholism, etc. all affect the hair. So, you can take biotin, but I encourage you to also take a multivitamin that will supply you with all the other key nutrients that are important, not only for hair growth, but overall health.