does anyone have suggestions on products you should use during the colder or winter season.

4 Answers

I'm new to the natural game, but I'm using more castor oil and shea butter. Also using more of a heavier moisturizer (or even straight uncut conditioner) since the colder weather is more likely to dry out my hair. I'm 4A also so I hope this helps.
More moisturizing products like emollients and definitely a sealant oil on top. Avoid humectants and protein, as these will make your hair dry, and brittle.
during the winter and cold season you might need coconut oil and shea butter and plenty of water water water because this is te time when your hair might become matted and start to break so more moisture and less manipulation is key.
I have to totally use different products during. Like lighter gels. If I use the same stuff I use in the summer my hair gets weighed down. This story has some good tips: