Why does coconut oil smells so bad on my scalp?

Hey,so I loooooove coconut oil for my hair. It moisturizes my lengths and ends very well and it really fights my dandruff AND it promotes hair growth. BUT whenver I put coconut oil on my scalp (I always do it before I wash it) after an our or so it smells really bad. Like rancid or something.I wash it out and even after shampooing (sulfate free shampoo) it smells like that. Not as strong, but for example, when my mum hugs me and her nose is close to my scalp, she always says "you scalp smells kinda strange". is there any way to stop it? because I really don't want to stop using coconut oil.

1 Answer

Maybe it is the brand.. water and oil don't really mix, so when you are washing (as you probably know since you put it before washing it :P) it doesn't really rinse much out. Try to use a different brand. If it still smells funny then I'd try to use things to mask the smell. As long as it's not harming you! I really like using olive oil but I hate the smell, so I use this curl moisturizing cream that has a strong, fruity scent to drown out the smell of the oil, while adding bonus moisture :p