Does curly hair products make straight hair curly

this might be a dum question but I was wondering if any curly hair products make straight hair curly?  Like if my mom who has straight hair uses my curly products, what kind of effect will that have on her hair? 

3 Answers

Most products will usually just make it crunchy and won't do much to straight hair. The best way to curl naturally straight hair is with a curling iron or at the salon!
Products marketed for curly hair are simply there to treat the needs of curly hair. Their purpose isn't to change hair from one extreme (straight) to another (curly)
No, they won't magically make straight hair curly.However, you may end up discovering that your hair has more wave or curl than you thought it did.  Happened to me: spent most of my life thinking I had completely straight, frizzy, oily, unmanageable hair and treated it as such.  Started to notice that the slight wave I assumed was from braiding it at night wasn't going away.  Gave the whole Curly Girl routine a shot, just to experiment, and bingo!  A lot more natural wave than I thought I had!Now I just have to fix 20+ of bad hair care. :/