Why does my hair break more when I comb it wet?

When my hair is tangled I just wet it and put oil in it so I can comb it easily, but I notice that there's more hair in the comb when I comb it wet than when I comb it dry. I don't like to comb it dry because it makes my scalp sore after.

2 Answers

You could possibly be combing it too roughly. Try using conditioner or leave in conditioner when combing your hair. Conditioner and leave in conditioner give more slip than oil would. Also try combing your hair in small sections and use a wide tooth comb or pick. I hope this helps.
It's actually not because you're doing anything wrong!Your scalp sheds about 100 hairs per day. Curly hair will hold onto those shed hairs, and they won't usually show up until you're detangling. Wet, slippery hair more easily lets go of these shed hairs.Also, when hair strands are wet, they are "open". Hair strands are not just one long piece of hair - they have "shingles" that overlap. When hair is wet, the shingles are raised because moisture has soaked in under them and plumped up the core of the shaft. This means hair - especailly hair that is weak - is more likely to break and stretch and snap when it's wet than when its dry.