Why does my hair look so greasy immediately after cleansing and styling?

So, I got my hair cut and colored two weeks ago by a DevaCurl stylist. Since the cut, I have switched over to using the no-poo cleanser and conditioner in the shower and the DevaCurl gel immediately after my shower. I then use the DevaCurl Microtowel to scrunch my hair and then use my diffuser. However, after my hair is done drying the crown and top of my head are SO GREASY!!! So much so that I have had people ask me if I recently took a shower because my hair looks wet. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Should I try a different product? I feel so embaressed to go out in public!

1 Answer

You might need to change up your products. Also avoid conditioner on your roots in the shower. Same goes for products try to keep them on the lower 3/4 of your hair. Should help. If you use any kind of frizz control product or something with silicons in it then it will always have a greasy look. Hope this is helpful!