Why does my hair look naturally thin? Can it be fixed?

For as long as I can remember, my hair has seemed very thin on the front sides and you can always see the scalp through it. It looks goofy and if it is buzzed short looks even worse. Is this natural? Is there anything that can be done to thicken the hair? 

2 Answers

Some people have thin hair and some have thick hair. I think you should be more concerned if you're losing hair. But in any case, if its truly bothering you, visit a dermatologist and ask him/her to examine your scalp. A lack of iron, calcium and even scalp infections can cause hair loss. You can also try some at home treatments like scalp massages, etc.
Try a vinegar rinse (apple cider vinegar) once or twice a week. Vinegar can be drying so remember to moisturized your hair. In a matter of weeks or a month you should see a difference.