Why does my hair refuse to grow?

My hair always seems to remain collar bone length, this is especially agrivating because when its curly its even shorter and i just want bra strap length when curly. I take very good care of my hair and i make sure its always moisturized and has enough or not too much protien. I use a wide tooth comb to detangle when wet and the tangle teezer brush to detangle when dry. The only thing i do not use is a silk scarf or satin pillow case but i dont think that alone would be my problem. I dyed my hair December 2013 and its grown about 4 inches from the root but still remains the same length which means my hair is breaking. I get trims when i see split ends, i straighten my hair about once every three minths, and i know i havent reached my terminal length because i had longer hair when i was younger. Its especially annoying since my mom sister and dad (who has dreads) always seem to grow their hair way faster than mine! Can someone explain to me why my hair isnt growing or why its breaking?? (Photo is of the length of my hair when staright)

2 Answers

If you say your hair has grown 4 inches from the root but remains the same length then it is breaking at the same rate that its growing. You should give your hair a break and put it in a protective style. Maybe marley twists or any other protective style you feel comfortable in. I recently had marly twists in for a month and a half (a little long, my hair started dreading!). Luckily my hair is easy to detangle and it gained A LOT of length.  You can look up marley twist tutorials on youtube. So I say if you want to see some length put your hair in a protective style for 2-3weeks a month. Make sure you take care of your hair when its in the style. Also you may not think its a big deal but you should start sleeping on a satin or silk pillow case or wrapping your hair in a satin or silk scarf. Cotton pillow cases draw the moisture out of your hair which can lead to breakage. It could be contributing to your difficulties gaining length. They're not expensive to buy and can be found at your local BSS or online.Hope this helps :)
From what you've said, it looks like you have an average growth rate--.5 inch per month, which is good. You are definitely going to have to revamp how you are doing things if you aren't retaining any length.The color probably hurt/is still hurting your hair--make sure you are getting sufficient moisture/water (not oil). And you definitely need to sleep on satin/silk or wear a scarf. Also, the tangle teaser has been known to tear up people's hair--I would not use it and certainly not on dry hair. It may be causing the split ends, which causes you to trim and possibly trim off all of your growth. I also would give up flat-ironing for at least  6 months. Lastly, I agree that using protective styles can help--twists, braids, buns etc.