Why does my hair get tangled easily ?

I relaxed my hair around 2010-2012 and then straightened it every day from 2012-2015 ( with the odd day here and there having it curly ) I've dyed my hair numerous times including blonde which had the bleach/developer stuff w/it. I cut a fair amount of hair off around September 2015 and have been natural now for just under a year, my hair obviously has change  but it gets so tangled, I sleep with a satin pillowcase, bed sheet and duvet cover but I feel like I can't even move my hair without tangles being created. I attempted to cut layers in My hair twice about a month ago ( around 2-3 inch lost) My hairs quite thin and feels dry even though I put a lot of coconut oil and aunt jackies curl la la on . my hair also doesn't clump too well, I've got clumps of curls all over but it's still frizzy ( if that makes any sense ) My hair is a mix of 3b&3c

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