does anyone know any stores in canada alberta that I can purchase curly hair products?

please don't say online stores because personally i hate purchasing things online and im looking for stores that sell brands like deva curl,shea moisture, and as i am?

2 Answers

I am also Canadian and happily do not have a credit card (no online purchasing for me)! However as I am sure you have noticed, it is nearly impossible to find CG approved products in store up here. I order anything I can't find locally from Beautiful Black Hair Canada (Toronto). I order a 6 month supply of products to get free shipping. They have amazing customer service and accept interact transfers as a form of payment.
I live in BC and Chatters salons sell Deva Curl, AG and have a pretty wide selection of other products. Also, try looking up or calling the salons in Calgary that are listed on this site. The ones in my city often sell some of these products.