Does anyone else have a problem with air drying their hair?

Whenever I air dry my hair after a few hours when it's dry it looks straight/wavy from the roots down and curly on the ends. Why is that? I'm finding it really hard to get my hair to cooperate with me as well :/

2 Answers

That makes sense, because when your hair is air-drying, all of the water/product in it tends to weigh it down and make it less curly. If you blow-dry your hair with a diffuser, it will be curlier and more voluminous. Hope I helped! :)
Try this; After you put your product in and brush it through, shake your hair out so curls are loose, scrunch, and then put it in a loose doubled ponytail (where the ends are flipped back up and through the hair bad) or bun, and leave it up for awhile before letting it air dry hanging loose. About  10-20 minutes in a bun usually works for me, but I will leave it up a lot longer if it is cold  and I am air drying. The idea is to remove the hairband while your hair is still damp enough that it doesn't retain the effects of drying while being pulled back, but close enough to dry  that it isnt heavy with moisture anymore and will dry quickly once loose. After removing hair  from bun, flip it over, shake, scrunch and then let it dry as  usual.  I do this before blow drying as well. And a diffuser is indeed a great thing when blowdrying. I'd love to know if this helps you.