Does sulfate free strip anyone else's hair!?

hey guys, So my hair is mostly fine between a 2C/3A style type. My hair used to be perfectly healthy and amazing. I posted a picture with it. I grew it out (improperly of course) and cut all of the unhealthiness off. My hairdresser, who was recommended by this site, told me to take care of my hair and switch to sulfate free shampoos. Of course I listened. Since switching to sulfate free my hair has been horrendous! It barely curls, feels dry all the time, and I have a wicked dry scalp issue. Before switching to sulfate free I always used Head and Shoulders moisturizing shampoo. Has anyone else had this problem with sulfate free shampoos? I'm afraid to try any new products!Help a curly girl out!!

1 Answer

This happened to me too.  I found this site and a few curly girls about 2 years ago and after a few weeks of research i decided to try the curly girl method and stopped using all cones and sulfates. Not only was my hair dry, but it thinned out considerable (like my scalp shows in places now when it never did before), and I was getting a white, gunky, build-up on my scalp.  I switched back to a drug store moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and have seen dramatic changes. The natural way promoted on this site is awesome, and I really wanted it to work, but it's just not for everyone.