dreadlock maintenance

My 12.5yr old son has had dreadlocks for 1.5yrs... he is half Puerto Rican and half black so his hair is probably a 3c and a bit less textured than my daughter's... we take him to the salon to get his dreads cleaned up every 3 weeks... however in the meantime, his hair is not washed and starts to smell... plus his forehead is breaking out... his hair grows FAST so he has fuzzy and loose curls right around the top of his head... however the rest of his hair is loc'd beautifullyI need some advice- I would like to wash it and maintain them more frequently... some people say to wash 2x a week and some say to wash less (like his routine)... any suggestions? I realize his acne may be part hormones and part hair (which he tries to wrap them back at night)... but I want to also make sure we get a good routine for his hair that will help his face..This is his progress- he was 11 in the top two photo... the third photo is him on his 12th birthday... and the fourth is today at 12.5yrs [and he has an appointment in a couple of days]...

1 Answer

http://www.dreadheadhq.com/pages/washing-dreadlock...This is a go to website for all things dreads:)Blessings