dry hair

Hello, my boyfriend is Jamaican and german and his hair is about a 3c type of curly hair and It tends to get that crunchy feeling. I made my own spray for his hair with coconut oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil and now i will be adding some eucalyptus oils ( all help with scalp health) to see if that can help make it less dry. are there any other natural things that I could have him try to keep it nice and full, soft and moisturized all day? could it be the shampoo/conditioner?

2 Answers

check if his products have protein or sulfate in them or not it's possibly what made his hair crunchy , and jessicurls conditioner and deep conditioner is really good for dry hair , shea butter makes the hair soft and moisturised , you can put coconut oil in his hair before he showers for 20 minutes and let him rinse it with warm water well
My hair had also become crunchy after using coconut oil with a couple of essential oils as well. My hair used to love it but I think now its reached a stage where it has enough protein. Moisturizing oils I'd suggest are olive oil, sunflower oil and grapeseed. Maybe apply them directly on his scalp before he showers. You could also add tea tree/peppermint to his shampoo and see if that helps?