Dry hair

my hair is very dry and it's always been a struggle keeping it moisturized. My mom and I have tried everything and just a few weeks ago for the first time I've tried wearing it natural, my mom twists it every other day or so, she uses a spray bottle as she's twisting and plenty of oil and curl stuff, then I put a hair scarf on. In the morning it's very dry and stiff. But soft and easy to comb through, my hair has always been that way. It's in between thick and medium thick. Before wearing it natural I've been using the hot comb and flat iron on it. Also I've gotten perms, and relaxers in the past. My mom put a softener in it before summer started. Also we used to blow dry it a lot. I think that because of the heat damage my hair doesn't hold moisture. What can I do to fix this? And special products or routines? I'm all natural haven't used heat all summer. Also, my hair is in between wavy and curly and it's shoulder length. In order for it to grow, I need it to hold in moisture. Thanks for advice

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