DRY HAIR, low porosity, medium, 3c curly hair

Hello curly ladies! I have a dilemma. I have had my hair routine set for about a year now, but all of a sudden it stopped working! I know they say to change up your routine, but everything was going so good for me that I just decided not to change it. Anyway, I have low porosity, medium, 3c curly hair. Here’s a list of my routine:pre-poo: coconut oilacv rinse deep condition: Aussie 3 minute miracleconditioner: Aussiethen applyShea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, apply VERY little eco styler, then coat my hair with Argan oil.Now as soon as my hair drys, it’s left with a hard-coarse texture.What suggestions do you guys have??

2 Answers

I want to put a photo of my hair because I feel like that might attract more people to comment; however, I will not. LOL-- even though this is not a laughing matter, I am just dying to figure out what's wrong with my routine! 
You might need to clarify really good. I have 3B/3C hair. When ever it gets really dry and  nothing works, I clarify it and then deep condition. ACV rinses never really made my hair feel clean