Very Dry and a Lot of Breakage: High Porosity AND Protein Overload! Help!

Hello!This is my first post the the forum and am seeking serious help, I'm so lost at the moment..So, my hair is naturally 3A Curly, and I have always been more porous naturally but I also have straightened my hair and done every dye job/bleaching/stripping in between thru out the years and I have been more than blessed to have never had any severe damage other than needing a trim afterwards. Recently however tho, my hair has seem to become super sensitive and I am almost positive it's bc I had started incorporating more Protein in my hair after I noticed a lot of hair falling out last fall. I researched online and found out that my hair sounded like it needed to have some protein incorporated into my region (reg was pretty low maintenance, simple sulfate free 3 step system) which all I was using at the time was Hairtrition Sulfate Free Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In-Detangler. So, I started to use protein infused hair masks for the first time, and don't get me wrong at first I loved em! My hair, being porous naturally has always been on the drier side no matter what, so for a brief while my hair seemed great. Not long after that tho, it seemed to just not feel the best, drying too fast,dull, etc. I was only using the mask once a week for only 10 mins and then rinsing it out. Researched online again and found out that I needed to add a deep moisturizer to my reg if I was going to be using any protein.So I did, but quickly things went in the opposite direction and hair wasn't drying for the life of me. Naturally thick coarse hair always took a little longer but not like this. And the battle has been back and forth since then. Even after removing both from my regular routine.Fast forward to today: I currently am Now suffering from what I can only assume is bad protein overload, bc I wasn't aware of a product I was using often and for long periods of time on my head for about 2 weeks orSo( after I Had bleachedMy hair, which was in better condition after doing that than it is now, go figure but Coconut Oil is to thank for that!) had a lot of protein in it, and being unaware of this I used an egg mask on my hair and as soon as the egg touched my tresses is was instantly stiff and began breaking off, BAD. So I went into the salon, got about 2-3 inches taken off total, the hair dresser said my hair was very angry and anymore damage caused and I was basically a lost cause. She said I could keep using my product tho (which keep in mind I didn't know till very recently what was really causing the breakage) and I left my hair alone for a few days after the cut and it felt normal again! I was so grateful and relieved that so began using the product again, unaware and under the assumption it was ok, and my hair went back to that breakage state and for the past month has been dancing that line since. No matter what I've done it's gotten worse. I went out and bought Roux PC bc I was told it WASNT protein just HP problem. So I kept using protein products and problem has stayed. Took a turn for the worse again after using the PC and after that I know for a fact it's protein overload bc as soon as it touched hair hair I could feel it stiffen up and start to break off. I to washed it out and clarified and have been baggying off and on for the past two days with a moisturizer but I've already cut all my hair off, only have several inches left, I can't pull it back or do anything with it. I'm at a loss as to where to go from here. I wasted the only money I had extra saved on the Roux product line that was told would correct the issue and now been thru all my hair products and only have TWO with no Protein at all, the rest have a little at least and I am super sensitive to it right now that I refuse To take the chance. Does anyone have any suggestions on any products that are Protein free and good for High Porosity hair? It's summer here so I can't use my aloe Vera anymore anyways, it just compounds my problem and I can't figure out any other natural remedies that would work with no protein either.Im a loss and won't leave the house bc I am so self conscious and distressed. I know this post has been a straight novel but I haven't been able to get aSingle person to give me a decent answer or any helpful advice.So please and thank you to any who manage to have the patience to read this and any insight you have would be so appreciated you don't even know.Salud

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