Dry wavy hair after using tons of product

My hair is fine and wavy 2b/c and no matter how much hydrating product I use after washing and conditioning, after a couple of hours it gets very dry as if I had not used anything. I use a curling spray and a bit of cream for curly hair after washing, then diffuse and finish off with anti-frizz spray and hydrating hair lotion (not sure thats how its called). Yet after 3-4 hours my hair soaks it up and I end up with dry, frizzy, unruly curls again. I do not want to have to re-apply product every couple of hours! And that is supposed to be the day my curls look best! Any advice please? What am I doing wrong?

3 Answers

I totally understand you my hair goes into frizzy mess immediatly but I dont think that you have frizz cause your hair is dry you need something with hold. Try some god gel or mousse but gel does have better hold I am trying to use both now cause I love nice curls that mousse gives me but It doesnt have hold so without gel my hair would frizz up. I hope I helped you
Thanks, I'll try with some gel next time, but do you have any advice on how to use it exactly? I dont like how it hardens my curls and makes them crunchy :( I used to apply it right after washing when my hair is still dripping but even a small amount caused crunchiness so I cut it out completely.
It seems you need to seal the moisture in, you could try the LOC method. Which is leave in oil and cream.I apply plenty of conditioner in the shower, and I use a deep conditioner as a regular one so I feel there is no need for a leave in. For oil I apply coconut oil since your hair is thin you may try with a lighter oil and then finally a bit of curl cream, best if this one is mixed with water.So I found out that the best way to control the dryness of my hair and not make it look oily was to apply a medium hold gel (make sure the gel doesn't have any silicone because they will dry up your hair, you can also look for diy recipes) then I apply coconut oil, diffuse (50% dry) and the final touch is curl cream and air dry. With this have managed for my hair to look and feel great for 3 days. Before it would dry up and have no shape and look dull. Also I suggest you to do a protein treatment and regular deep conditioning. Hope it helps, good luck.