Dry/Brittle Hair 4B or C Hair

After I wash and condition my hair it always feels hard and brittle once it starts drying...I've been natural completely since October and it's just hard to manage once I start the styling process...When I put the styling cream on it doesn't give the same feeling as when the conditioner is on.

3 Answers

I literally know exactly how you feel. The problem could be your shampoo. If you look on the ingredients there may be sulfate on it. Sulfates strips your hair of its natural oils. That's why your hair feels dry, because it actually is when you use sulfates. Aim for a sulfate free shampoo. Also get a condition with good slip so you can detangle while the conditioner is still in. Also make sure you put a leave in and sealant afterwards :)
AmandaCurls101's advice is pretty solid. You didn't say you use a leave-in conditioner which is very important to adding moisture back into your hair before styling it. If your hair is dry after using conditioner, then that's just a hint that your conditioner isn't really working... when you use conditioner you should be like http://i.perezhilton.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/rihanna-instagram.gif lol!! 
Great advice so far. Check for sulfates and add a leave-in conditioner.   I'd just like to add that you should check the ingredients in everything you are using for protein.  I find that if there's protein in my products it will make my hair feel dry and yucky.  Hope this helps!