How to grow my edges back

would you use this product I am using these but I am not seeing any results 

4 Answers

I need answer
edges are super fragile so it's important to focus on the edges like we do the ends of our hair. One of the best routines I've been incorporating into my wash and styling is applying a cream based leave in conditioner to my edges. In doing this for some time now I've personally seen a noticeable difference in my edges, not just the front but all over. I've recommended this to family members with thin, weak, and faint edges and there's been results. 
My mom messed up her edges extremely bad when she was a teenager. So all she did was wear scarves around the front of her head everyday. She had all sorts of colors and patterns to match a outfits and then her edges grew back in no time. I wonder If it could work for you maybe?
Mahabhringraj oil (eBay) and castor oil local pharmacy. They are great for stimulating hair growth