Are my edges okay?

this is my first time wearing weave. I'm have cornrows, with long braids. They were really tight the first day around the edges, today they're feel much better. Will my edges be alright from doing this once? How long should I keep them in? (It's only been two days) the picture shows my hair on the first day.

1 Answer

The braids look nice on you. Most styles are pretty tight the first day, I think you should just massage your edges with some oil every couple days while your hair is in the braids. If you can't see the little red bumps along your edges, you're probably fine. But massage them to be safe!But I mean you can keep the braids as long as you want but they probably shouldn't stay in longer than a month, maybe two if you take good care of the braids at night (tying them down, moisturizing your scalp so it doesn't get flaky, taking care of your hair in the braids)