Emergency! hair worse from protein treatment? Now I have too much protein and curls are extra dead?

In my only last question I had an issue with my 3b curls being really poofy and lifeless after having it straightened and swimming in chlorine, the elasticity of my curls were lacking very much and my hair was dry and my curls weren't like they usually were. So I came here for advice and was told a protein treatment and a deep conditioning would suffice, however now my hair is worse and the protein has made my hair extra lifeless and dead, my curls are now dry long linky stringy straw-like pieces and whenever I put my hair in a bun and unravel it the protein ensured extra breakage and oldly enough I will tie my hair up and when I unravel it my curls are bending in awkward positions and going every which way . . . Before I was just scared my hair would not improve but now that it is worse and none of the oils, and moisture treatment I used has fixed my hair and now I miss the way my hair was from before even the protein treatment because at least it was still wearable and curly. . I am more than hopeless. I have already spent all my money on the products that now hurt my hair, so now I will have to chop my hair off, and I have been trying to grow it to my goal for 2 and 1/2 years. . . . Im really distraught over this . . So if anyone can give me any true lifesaving advice please help me :'( I've been crying about my hair for days. . . Will post another before and afterThe ones with arrows are from after the protein treatment, and the one without my face showing is from before the treatment but with Chlorine damage and a little heat damage, and then the ones with stars are of my average healthy hair.

2 Answers

Your hair might be "protein sensitive." I came across this Q & A article where they talk a little about it: Ask the Expert: Is my hair protein sensitive?Now, I certainly don't claim to be an expert, but just based on my experience with my own hair looking at the "before" picture (before the protein treatment) it looks like it needs moisture to me, not protein. I'm not sure what to suggest to do now beyond moving away from doing any more protein treatments. For me, I don't really do protein treatments, but I do lots of moisture, especially before and after I go in the pool.  This article might be helpful for you too, in case you haven't already seen it: The Dos and Don'ts of Deep ConditioningI'm sorry you're having trouble, I'd be frustrated too! Hopefully others will chime in and have more suggestions for you!
I have the same issue. Did you find a cure? I've scheduled a cut. I'm  deperate.