My ends are dry and it's causing problems.

 I have very manageable hair but I've noticed that with my ends being dry it's starting to cause problems especially when I get to detangling I spend alot more time on my ends then I used too. The top of my hair and mid hair is a breeze no problems at all I typically spend 3 to 5 minutes detangling all my hair but on my ends now I spend probably about seven minutes on them alone. I've also noticed it's starting to cause frizz and I'm used to smooth and sleek hair if that makes any sense. I'll explain this way I'm not used to puffy fluffy looking hair I'm used to more smooth And low frizz and  really defined curls naturally because my hair is always been like that so with this change in my curls I don't know what to do this change is throwing me for a loop right now so if you can make any suggestions on how I can moisturize my ends more so I won't be having this problem that would really help thanks. 

1 Answer

I would highly recommend putting an oil on your ends, my personal favorite is avocado because it penetrates the hair shaft and has many nutrients that are good for your hair.I pour some oil into my hand then rub it on to the ends of my hair (or wherever the problem area is) and then gently comb through it.You can find avocado oil in any grocery store by the other cooking oils.