My Ends Are Sooo Frizzy No Matter What ! Help !

I Have 4b Hair And It's Like No Matter What I Do , My Ends Just Seem So Frizzy And Puffy And Dry Compared To The Rest Of The Shaft . I Trim Almost All The Time Which Is Definitely Stunting Hair Growth Of Course And I'm Pretty Sure It's Color Damaged (I've Bleached Twice And Died It 3 Times) I Will Do Anything To Repair My Ends (And The Rest Of My Hair) And Get It Back Mouisture Enriched And Balanced . 

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Hello! So here are some things you MIGHT be doing wrong. 1. Sleeping on a Cotton Pillowcase: Cotton SUCKS the moisture out of your hair. Moisture=life so basically cotton sucks the LIFE out of your strand! Especially if you sleep on one every night, it can PERMANENTLY leave your ends porous, rough, and crackly. I know because when I first cut off all my relaxed hair, I never used a silk cap or pillowcase mainly because I couldn't afford one and I have cheap parents. Cheap not broke. Eh, kinda broke. Well, now my ends are rougher than the rest 1 year later. Imagine being naked and scrubbed with that metal-ly sponge you use when scrubbing that cake-y pot. Imagine being scrubbed with that thing every day. You'll be all cut up (porous), your skin will be scaley (rough), and the sound of touching your skin will resemble strangling the wicked witch of the west to death while poking her with needles (crackly). Yes. I know I'm very creative. and creepy2. Deep Conditioner: MAYBE, just MAYBE, you need a deep conditioner upgrade. You're deep conditioner may contain ingredients that just coat the hair and don't actually penetrate the hair shaft. If coconut oil, avocado oil, and/or olive oil aren't your top ingredients, your deep conditioner "ain't all that". I currently use SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque and... no words. Just read the ingredients and you'll know.So, honestly speaking, they're only a few more reasons your ends may be puffy, dry, and rough but these are THEE top 2. And... it's 1:47a.m. and I'm hungry and sleepy and lazy. And lazy. But I'm also lazy.Hope I Helped~ Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 13 Year Old 
Put on dry hair it's amazing 
I think you are due for a trim. Usually when my ends become puffy it indicates that I need a trim. Also your ends could be dry. Try to really pack in the moisture and seal it all in. 
Hi,You are correct because you have bleached your hair the ends are frizzy. You can try some home made hair packs like banana with milk, yogurt, avocado and yogurt, mayonnaise etc.. These packs makes the hair soft and shiny. 
How to Improve:1. Trim ends [You may just need a new haircut]2. Use a silk bonnet or cap [It won't take the moisture out like a cotton/polyester pillow]3. Dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of towel [Won't suck out hair's moisture]4. Use oils [Tea Tree, Moroccan, Peppermint, etc. are great for your hair]5. No blow drying! [Heating can dry and frizz hair. Use a diffuser. Same goes with your shower's water temp.]Hope I helped!!