Extremely dry hair, help please?

hi there!I have not used shampoo in a year and use heat rarely. But I have waist length 3a hair that is extremely dry. I only wash my hair twice a week, with an olive oil soak the night before each wash.When styling my hair, I just use gel and leave in conditioner.I did find out the hard way that my hair is protein sensitive. While my skin loves it, my hair hates coconut oil, almond oil, honey, eggs, etc. it just becomes straw-like and extremely frizzy with those things. I loosely braid my hair in a side braid or do a loose pineapple every night.I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Help is much appreciated!

3 Answers

I think you have naturally dry hair because I have naturally dry hair from my dad side! (thanks dad). Im on the same boat as you. You may want to cry the mayo mask, I heard it works really well. Hopefully I helped
my super dry hair on an okay day
dont do mayo if you're protein sensative you need to bring in the moisture so try doing a deep conditioning treatment twice a week if you don't have a deep conditioner mix some olive oil in with your regular conditioner and leave it in for 30 mins I find putting a plastic cap or bag over it and applying heat with a blow dryer for a few miutes gives it an extra boost. When styling try putting a leave in followed by a light oil and then your gel or mousse.Follow on instagram @tokesgreen