I have type 2c/3a and am fairly new to embracing my natural curls so I am still trying to figure out what's best for me.I'm having trouble keeping my hair hydrated. I don't wash my hair everyday but this makes it so dry and knotty. In the shower I use a wide tooth comb and when I get out I use a curl cream and olive oil, yet in no time my ends are terribly dry and knotty. And the next tine I go to wash my hair it is a complete disaster again.It's been over a year since I've straightened so I know heat is not my problem. Also I recently got about an inch cut off (my hair still hangs past my shoulders) and it helped the first day but after went back to how it was before. I don't know what to do with it !!!!

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i literally have the same problem, super dry hair. Its been a year i stopped using heat and got into natural products but anything wont really hydrate my hair unless it has styling cream or leave in which is the only thing that seems to help atleast make it look and "feel" hydrated. Try using more hair masks with moisturizing ingredients in them, it will help in manageability for a good while. Another reason that could cause dry hair is sulfates found in shampoos and silicone based conditioners, but remember some damages cant be undone so we gotta wait for our new hair growth and deal with what we have for now. Best of luck!