my family always makes me feel so discouraged about my hair?

i just finished co~washing and i came out of the shower and i spent about 30 mins applying my leave in  & my other products it took long cuz i did it in sections and i came upstairs and my mom was like "dont put too much productsnin your hair ur gonna end up with no hair" like ive seen utubers with awesome hair apply leave ins and other produts and i only apply 2 produvts & whenever i do my twist outs they make fun of me cuz they dont understand and my mom is always saying im going to end up without hair just cuz i take my time its not like im applying 5 products..

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Hi Shahida. I think I've answered you before on a similar topic. And my answer is my kind of similar for this post. Sometimes we just have to take the 'nod and smile approach'. Just smile sweetly and say "oh, alright then," and let the person go about their business. I'm 22 and I didn't grow up with the hair practices I have now. My Mum is always asking me what my different products are for, telling me I don't need them etc. My Mum is old school and didn't grow up with the hair care knowledge we have now. So for her, seeing me wash my hair in sections was funny, and she laughed at me.I didn't feel good about it, but guess what? It makes it easier for me. The products I use? Keep my hair moisturised better than ever. The hair styles I do? Protect my hair against breakage.This community is living proof that just because we take care of our hair differently, doesn't mean it's wrong, or bad or strange.They will get used to you doing you. It takes time, but eventually, they'll be quiet and accept it. And don't be afraid to tell them how you feel either. Be polite and tell them that there's no need to constantly question you or be negative- it's hair, not dropping out of school.Sometimes people discourage others because they themselves are discouraged. Or they themselves feel uncomfortable or not confident about doing a certain thing. Don't be uncomfortable with being yourself.Hope that helps!
Sweetheart, don't worry about it! If your hair is responding to your regiment, keep it up. My loved ones haven't always said the kindest things to me about my hair. When I big chopped, I was bald head. When my hair started growing in, my little fro was weird. My hair is brown to light brown, so the longer it got, the 'dryer' my hair seemed to them. My dad and step dad tell me my hair is nappy and I need to comb my hair! LOL. I've been natural almost 6 years, so I've heard it all. And guess what? I DON'T GIVE A DAMN. Hahahaha. I just smile and let them know that I'm confident and happy with my hair and have NO PLANS going back to a relaxer or weaving it up. I'm me! Naturally! For the most part, our loved ones don't realize they're being hurtful. Lord knows, they lack tact... Correct them. Educate them. And keep it moving! xo
My family always makes fun of me when I try something different. It's in their nature. They don't understand something so they make fun and try to put you down. Don't let it get to you. Part of the battle with accepting your natural hair is proving to everyone that you love your hair and it's beautiful! They will come around.
Hey there! I'm 19 and mixed, and no one ever took the time to understand my hair. My mom flat-ironed my curls until they didn't want to curl anymore, and it wasn't until I turned 18 that I finally had control of my head and was able to try and revive my curls. One day recently I had styled my curls and went to show my mom, and she said it was 'cute', but then told me I needed to be serious and style it for real for a formal event we were going to (essentially she wanted me to straighten it). It's so hard not being able to have family share your excitement with your natural hair and progress, but sometimes you just have to surround yourself with those who will support you, as you've done by sharing on here, and hope that some day your family will come around. Curly hair is beautiful, and I know that it won't be long before our families come to terms with that. I wish you all the best, and please don't be discouraged! Your curls are a blessing!