What Are Your Favorite Happy Hair Moments?

We all have bad hair days. I prefer to celebrate the good hair days. Tell me about your happy hair moments! Someone compliment you at work? Or friends tell you how amazing your curly hair is? Let's hear it! 

18 Answers

I recently started to embrace my curls.  I have been doing the "curly girl method" and my mom along with a few friends have complimented me on my hair.  Even my husband tells me how much healthier my hair looks.  I'm very new to going natural but I am loving it already.  :)
I can't recall one happy hair moment, but in general my happy hair moments are when I'm helping others love their hair. I love giving advice, so when I get the chance to help someone feel better about their hair or take care of it in a better way I feel great! Love to spread the curly love!
When I cut my hair
One of my happy hair days is when I go to the local mom and pop hair store and other people looking for products compliment my hair and ask me a range of tips and product suggestions. It makes me feel good because sometimes my hair and I will be at war because it wants to be frizzy and I don't want it to. 
i decided to wear my graying hair in an updo and put in a bright yellow flower. this would be the first time i decided not to color my roots since i'd gone salt and pepper almost 7years ago. as i'm waiting in line to pay for my gas i catch a young man eyeing me and as i met his gaze he said "good afternoon, Queen". I started grinning like a court jester. it really made my day and i haven't mourned over not coloring my hair ever since! it reminded of michelle pfeiffer in dangerous minds when she said they gave her candy and called her the light! pretty awesome! LOL~
on days where I feel like it is a good hair day is a happy hair day for me. mostly, to get happy hair - it is all about the right products and the weather. i trully embrace my curls more now than ever and happy to wear happy hair.
Since my big chop almost two months ago, today i finally achieved perfectly soft, moisturized curls the whole day. Ive been working on retaining moisture and finally, i am seeing results
Even though I often feel meh about my hair, looking back through photo albums, I realize how beautiful it has been my whole life
When I would straighten my hair often, I'd get so sad when I saw another curly girl-- my true identity! Friends always love my natural curly hair because it is unique and rare.Love that feeling when you meet another curly girl and you have an instant bond. <3Best hair moment EVER: my first curly girl hair cut at the Devachan salon in SoHo. Changed my life!!
The day I cut off my waist length hair into a pixie! For so long people had been telling me "you can't have short hair" or "that style might not work for you" or "your hair's too thick." When I took a risk I also freed myself from all of those limitations, now I do whatever I feel like doing to my hair. This outlook has brought me lots of happy hair moments, and I recommend others face their hair fears, whatever they may be :)
A lot of people seem to think my hair always looks good. Even the days i don't think it does, they think it does, and it gives me so much more happiness in my hair :) I usually don't care all that much about what people think about me, but its nice to know that they love my hair just like i do!!
My favorite hair moment would be, after a good wash and air dry and your curls are so fluffy and defined
when i was younger i used to wear it in a tight ponytail with a part diwn the middle. I had no idea how to deal with it. In 7th grade a used after the shower as my mom advised a cream for curly hair and i did so and left my hair down and parted to the side. The next day i was pupular. That was my first best hair day. Second was the time i put olive oil right before a dance recital i let it sit in my hair 3 hours after it was rinced and dried i had perfect shiny curls. A freind told me how good i looked and was upsett ive ever straitened it. Curly hair pretty much rules 
When I have a super fantastic cut & color!! When the stylists actually listens, which is so rare to ever find, that at almost 50 yrs old, its only happened maybe 5 times in my life! I like to wear my hair curly mostly in the summer since its so hot but fall and winter are my good straight hair days, so if the cut is done correctly, which I know it can be done to wear both curly and straight, then I feel miraculous! 
Whenever I cut my hair really short–the first time I wash it and it takes like 3 minutes. My short, cropped, tiny curls actually make me feel bold and brave!
When somebody who doesn't know ANYTHING about the hard work i put into my hair (like my little brother, a guy friend, a relative, etc) marvels at how soft my hair is and asks how I can help them get their hair that soft. ULTIMATE! 
One of my best moments was this
when a product actually works!