Fixing sun damaged, chlorine drenched, wind blow hair that's low porosity and has two sides

So I messed up. This summer I went to florida and drenched my hair in sun-in (I'm a natural blond) while also swimming in chlorinated water and not always rinsing my hair after I got out. The underneath of my hair is relatively healthy still because it recieved little sun damage. My top layers, however, are like wire. Very frizzy, dry, no wave definition, and nothing is helping. I need help! I'm a 2c normally with a touch of 3a but after all this damage my uppers are barely a 2a while my underneath remains 2c/3a. I think you can imagine the frustration. I'm also low porosity, and high density. Normal to thick, normal to coarse. I don't heat style, and frown upon sulfates and parabens. However, I only use drugstore products, as that's the only thing avaiable to me. I've been told to use a keratin treatment. Should I? Are there any serums I could use for frizz? Any advice would be appreciated

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