Frizzy, puffy, overconditoned hair. Conditioner a must for detangling!

My 3a hair is overconditioned. Frizzy, puffy, won't hold curl, feels almost too soft. I've done 2 protein treatments (egg yolks plus yogurt), no improvement. How can I avoid over-moisturizing hair if I absolutely must use a lot of conditioner for detangling? I can't detangle with just water :(Let's say I will fix my limp hair with proteins, how can I avoid overconditioning it again?Any suggestions will be appreciated, please help.

3 Answers

well I would clarify with a sulfate shampoo, and use conditioners with proteins in it.  The proteins in eggs can't penetrate the hair, so the aphogee two step protein treatment is great cause it has hydrolized proteins. It's at Sally's btw. Hope some of this helps. 
I over conditioned my hair a couple weeks ago. Instead of going with Apoghee I went with a softer product, Aubrey's GPB. Seems to be working. 
Until your hair repairs itself from the over conditioning, you could try doing the actual detangling with a shampoo instead of a conditioner. It might be a bit hard to detangle while you have a clarifying shampoo in, but I've found detangling is still pretty easy with a moisturing sulfate-free shampoo in my hair, which you could do if you don't want to stick a whole tonne of conditioner in at the moment but still need something in to detangle. As for what you can do in future, make sure you use a conditioner with some protein in it. Add in those protein-rich conditioners such as the Apoghee and GPB that were mentioned in the other answers to your standard hair routine until your hair is back to normal, and then do the occasional protein treatment to make sure it stays healthy. Good luck!