what to do with my frizzy rough uneven curly hair?

i have tried literally everything from the top of line hair products down to lotion and baby oils. its like nothing i put in my hair will make it look cute, my hair looks like an afro mixed with curls. I'm to the point were I'm embarrassed to wear my hair out.

4 Answers

I am a type 4 natural and I know this feeling all to well. I would first say that it is soo important to love your hair texture because there is so many different styles you can try with it. Braid-outs and twist-outs were my best friends when I first started wearing my hair out. Also try watching tutorials on different styles on YouTube: Perm rod sets, flexi rod sets, wash n gos...
Hi,The best remedy for frizzy hair is to oil it regularly at least once week. You can even try banana and yogurt pack, mayonnaise & yogurt pack these pack will make you hair soft.
Firstly NEVER put baby oil in your hair!  Oaky now that we have that out of the way.  It sound like what your experiencing might have less to do with products and what your hair looks like and more to with accepting your hair and texture for what it is.  Your curls are unique to you and should be celebrated!  Rock your curls out!  Transmitting one's authentic self to the world is the most beautiful thing and that my friend has nothing to do with wether your hair is frizzy or not!
try to use a prepoo then rinse and then co wash, then condition leave a lil in after wash, then finger comb add your choice of oil a nickle size. Let air dry and you see how pretty it will look or you can always braid it up once dried.