Gel or mousse or both

So I have 2c hair type and I struggle with frizz. I wonder what works best for my hair type I always use gel cause it gives me better frizz control but it could leave your hair with less volume. I tried mousse but doesnt give me that frizz control I need but It gives me nice volume so I wander could I use both or it is too much product.

1 Answer

You can try both, but with reduce the amount of product. You could use 2/3 mousse 1/3 gel it might be too much, but you will only know if it works.You can use only gel and diffuse upside down, it will create volume. Or clip at the roots for volume.You could also use just mousse and combine it with a styling cream, leave in or oil.Trial and error is the best way to know what suits you better.