Will getting a Brazilian Blowout damage my hair? I really want to get looser curls.

I have had one done before, and my hair was fine. As seen in the included picture, the crown area of my head has super frizzy and non curly hairs and im so sick of it. I want to see if the Brazilian Blowout will fix this. Will it damage my hair in the long run though? (The picture with my hair in a bun shows the area of my head with no curl)

1 Answer

In my opinion your curls are absolutely amazing, however a Brazilian blowout has been known to cause damage as it has a very strong intensity (especially if you have coloured your hair) it caused Jennifer Anniston to cut her hair short due to the damage also a professional hairdresser disapproves due to its intensity however it is generally effective but you have to make sure the comdition of your hair Is healthy if you want to go through with it, good luck x