What to do after going swimming in a river, to makemy curly hair look good? Please help FAST!

I'm suppose to be going to the River on our boat. I've gone 3 times this year and found I can never have nice hair later on. Its always frizzy and dry and bug. No curls just that hair you never want to get. and I'm always the one there with the worst hair. I'm going through the " award stage you could say" It's importat this time because we will have friends with us and afterwards and going to a festival where everyone can see me. I will be seeing freinds I haven't seen in a Long time there. Do you have any tips on what to put in, or what to do? Thanks so much!!! Please help! I have the combination of 2c hair turning into 3a. I don't want to look amazing just better than usual.

2 Answers

You could just throw your hair into a bun or braid it, or maybe bring some gel to scrunch in?
But are you getting wet or what? if you are going to take a swim put some conditioner followed by oil (I prefer a serum since it has silicones and will seal your hair and stay there unless you shampoo). When you are done, apply a mask to your hair that works fast and deep conditions.On the boat I would use a protective style or a hat, the breeze will tangle your hair and make it look dull.