What are some good anti frizz serums and general products to help my curls?

I'm not sure what hair type I am (somewhere in he 2 range), and I was wondering if any of you have really great anti frizz serums or just light products I can use on my hair to stop it going so fluffy and have my curls more defined? Thank you so much!! I have attached a photo of my hair from about a year ago (it's a bit more curly now, it had just been brushed there) 

1 Answer

I have much curlier hair than you but what I would suggest doing is getting a very light weight mouse so as to not make your hair crunchy. Herbal essences makes a good one called "all whipped up"  if you use just a tiny amount I could see that helping to cut back on frizz. i also really like products with argon oil and organix I think makes one that's a shine serum!