Any good products that have coconut?

I have been natural since June 2016. I move back and forth from Colorado and Kansas due to school so the difference in the dry climate and the humid climate make a difference too. My transition is getting better but I am still trying to figure out how to maintain moisture to day 3 or 4 hair. My hair gets the driest when I have to put my hair up into a bun and then take it down. I find that I have to wet my hair in the morning with a spray bottle, followed by a light LOC method. I also have low-porosity hair. My hair really enjoys coconut, and so far that is the only thing I can pin point that is helping it. The only coconut products I have are organic coconut oil, Deva Curl coconut styler and Hask deep conditioner. Are there any Leave-in conditioners or other products that contain coconut that can be suggested to me?

1 Answer

Hi!Have you heard about Shea Moisture products? They have a line of products that are coconut and hibiscus. I use them and they work great for my 3B hair!:-)