Good products for dry hair from colouring?

I have tried multiple products and leave in conditioners for my hair and nothing seems to be working. I have also tried oils such as argon oil, olive oil & coconut oil and they don't leave my hair the way I would like it to look.

1 Answer

Yep, my 3C curls are colored and they also don't really care for argan oil or coconut oil. I've found if I put a little bit of sweet almond oil on my scalp and around my hairline after I cleanse & condition my hair, it helps. Almond oil is light, but it penetrates dry hair better than those other oils you mentioned, in my opinion.Also, try to stay away from product with ingredients ending in -one (dimethicone). These tend to also dry the hair out, from my experience. Here's an article that might help you more.