Good volumizer for Type 2 s'wave/wave care? New to 'embracing' my natural hair!

Hello fellow curlies! I'm new here and am kinda new to embracing my natural hair. I want to learn to love it - naturally! ;)My hair is between 2a/2b probably a bit more towards 2a. I've been doing a ton of research and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the no poos, and co-washes, leave-ins, etc. My hair definitely needs volume-it starts off good then goes flat throughout the day. Any good volumizers/root lifters anyone could recommend? Preferably silicone, sulfate, and paraben free. * My hair is long (passed my bra strap), and is color treated. Thanks for any help (:

2 Answers

Hair that long may be too heavy to get much lift at the roots. But you can try holding hair straight up at the crown and spray hair spray at the roots. You  might also get some layers in so that the hair isn't so heavy. 
Long hair is most likely going to weigh your hair down at the roots, and I would recommend using a clarifying cleanser once a week to remove any product buildup that might also be weighing your hair down. My favorite clarifying cleanser is Kinky Curly Come Clean.For adding volume at the root I'd recommend Amika's Un.Done Texture Spray, and TIGI Catwalk's dry shampoo is also very good for this.